Health and Wellness

Health and wellness

There is a lot of debate and a seemingly limitless amount of opinions on health in the world today. You can’t walk out your front door without some new theory or new product getting almost forced into your face. But what about overall wellness? It seems often that health and wellness are often confused and diluted, but there are some very important distinctions that need to be made between health and wellness.

One of the main differences between health and wellness is that health seems to connote just physical health. How much do you weigh? What is your body mass index? What do you eat? Do you work out? What is your typical workout routine?  There is an endless parade of questions that can be asked about health. At the end of the day, health is affected by much more than just your diet and how much you exercise. Your overall wellness can be a great benefit to your physical health and working on improving your overall wellness may be a much more important decision affecting your weight and health than what you eat for dinner or how long you run on the treadmill tonight.

The thing that distinguishes wellness seems to be that wellness involves your social, emotional, and mental health along with physical health. It is possible to be physically very healthy but not be well at all. If you are at a solid level of wellness that would mean that emotionally and mentally you are very healthy as well, not just physically. That could mean very different things for different people. It depends on where you are starting from. Typically, good wellness would include being free from any addictions or destructive behaviors. It would also typically mean good socializing and inclusivity in a community of some sort. It is difficult to fully define good mental and emotional health. It is certain that there are real disorders and problems associated with both health and wellness and that they are very much interconnected.