A Hug a Day Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Hug a DayA good hug always makes one feel a little happier, but it was recently found that it might do even more than that. It has been found that all sorts of touching may lead to lower blood pressure, pain relief, and even increased immune function. From a massage, to just a hand hold, touching has more benefits then we thought.

Massages have been known to relax and rejuvenate but they can also help the heart conscious. The process relaxes muscles which can help to slow heart rates, decrease blood pressure and decrease stress. All of these factors help lead to a healthier and stronger immune system.

Hugs always make us feel good, and it is in part because they help release oxytocin which induces trust and reduces stress. Even simply holding hands has great benefits. Studies have showed holding hands will reduce stress activity in the brain, especially when it is with a significant other.