Health Questions, How Common are Migraines?

Health Questions MigrainesMigraine headaches effect about thirty million Americans, these debilitating headaches send many people to the doctors. Migraine headaches are accompanied by a severe throbbing pain usually only on one side of the head, although it could be both. Nausea and sensitivity to light is also very common.

These headaches will last a lot longer than the normal headache and usually are not cured by take any regular strength acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Migraines are also known to effect woman more than men and usually the frequency dies down as the individual gets older.

The exact cause is actually unknown, but here are a few examples of what can cause them. Getting to much sleep or not enough is a big one; also skipping meals can cause migraines. Extreme hormone change is also another cause; this is the main reasons why pregnant women get migraines. There are also more reasons which can be easily found online.


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Health Questions, What is Anemia?

health questions anemiaAnemia simply means that there are not enough red blood cells in your blood or the red blood cells that are there are not carrying enough hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein that makes your blood red; its main purpose is to carry oxygen to all the vital organs and tissues in the body. Anemia actually affects about 3 million people worldwide, people who have chronic diseases and women are at a higher risk.

People can suffer from different types of anemia. These can be an iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, caused by other disease or even inherited. Anemia should be taken seriously before it leads to more sever problems.

Some common symptoms are fatigue, dizziness, weakness, headaches, shortness of breath, and irritability. These symptoms are caused by the heart having to work harder than it normally does because it isn’t receiving the correct amount of oxygen. Testing for anemia can be done with a blood test at the doctor’s office.


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Health Questions: What are the Types of Insomnia?

health questions insomniaThere are two major types of insomnia; primary insomnia and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia is a disorder that is unconnected to other medical conditions. There are many things that can cause the disorder including travel, extreme stress, or a change in a work schedule. This type of insomnia may end on its own, or may persist throughout life.

Secondary insomnia is a type of insomnia that is a side effect or symptom of a larger cause. An example of a underlying cause that may promote insomnia is depression or anxiety, or pain from another condition. It has also been found that secondary insomnia is a side effect of certain medicines.

Secondary insomnia is likely to go away after the cause behind the lack of sleep is fixed or circumstances change. Many people find that their use of caffeine, alcohol and tobacco are big contributors to their insomnia. Once those items are taken away, it allows the insomnia to lessen.


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Health Questions: What are the Types of Depression?

health questions depressionDepression affects millions of Americans every year and there are many different types that affect people in different ways. Two of the major types of depression are Major Depressive Disorder and Dysthymic disorder. Major depressive disorder prohibits one’s ability to function on a daily level including sleep, eat and work.

Dysthymic is a type of depression that lasts for an extended period of time, likely longer than two years. While these symptoms are less intense than those found in major depression, they will still show a considerable negative impact on one’s life. Other types of depression can be the result of a certain life event such as death or an extreme loss.

Postpartum depression is a type of depression found in new mothers within the first month after delivery. Other types of depression include seasonal affective disorder which happens during the winter months when there is less sunlight each day.

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Health Questions, What is Osteoporosis?

health questions oseteoporosisOsteoporosis is a disease that affects the strength of one’s bones. For people who suffer from the disease their bones are weaker than average and are more prone to breaking from low trauma situations. The bones that are most likely to be affected are commonly the spine, wrists and hip.

Health Questions

It is common for the disease to become more prevalent as one ages and as women pass through menopause. Not getting enough exercise is one of the factors that can be controlled to avoid getting Osteoporosis. In addition not smoking at all and drinking less than one alcoholic drink a day is another factor that once can easily influence.


It is important to make sure to get enough vitamin D and calcium in one’s daily diet. One of the common symptoms that point to a development of the disease is a loss in height, or the development of a hunchbacked, or slumped over posture.

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Health Questions, What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

What is Carpal Tunnel SyndromeCarpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS, relates to problems in one’s wrist and hand. Some of the symptoms include pain, swelling, tingling as well as loss of strength. It happens when the median nerves and tendons that pass through the carpal tunnel in the wrist are restricted or pressed against.

Health Questions

Swelling is the likely reason for the pressure put on the nerves that causes the extra pain and sensations found in the fingers and palm. The symptoms of CTS include a slow onset of numbness, burning and tingling in the hand or wrist. It is most common for the thumb, index and middle fingers to experience these symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In more extreme cases the hand begins to lose strength and it becomes difficult to tightly grasp items or even to make a clenched fist. When left untreated the problem can become permanent, making the muscles in the hand and especially thumb weaken greatly over time.

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Putting Off Weight Loss Diet Plans for Later This Week

Diet PlanHow much weight could you have lost by now if you had stuck to your original plan of eating better and exercising more?

Weight Loss

If it has been only 2 weeks since you thought that then maybe a few pounds, but what if a few months have gone by or even a year? Make time for the things that are important and if you aren’t on that list then it is time to re-organize your priorities.

Diet Plans

Dieting and exercise does not have to be a battle of will power and does not take extreme scheduling, it only has to take 15 minutes out of 3 days a week. As you continue on you can increase that amount of time dedicated to a workout. The first thing you should do is determine if you are a morning person or an evening person. Do you have more energy before work or after work? Once you have determined that then you can start to pinpoint that 15 minutes of exercise time.

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Flat Belly Diet Plan, Does it Work?

Diet Plans Weight Loss DietEvery girl and woman wants to have a flat belly, just like those Victoria Secret’s models, and many of them are turning to a new fad appropriately named the “Flat Belly Diet”.

This diet works by eating certain foods, most of Mediterranean style, with lean protein, fruit, wheat products and lots of nuts. It claims that by sticking to this 1600 calorie plan the belly fat should melt away, almost 15 pounds in a little over 30 days. The book says no extra exercise is needed because the mono-unsaturated fats work to make the belly fat smaller.

Users of the diet take the first four days as a jumping off period with lower calorie intake around 1200-1400 calories a day. Along with this a flavored water drink is consumed that is supposed to decrease bloating and help users achieve the right mindset to start losing the pounds off of their bellies.

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Weight Loss and Diet Plans Abs Get Ready for Summer

Weight Loss and ExerciseAs spring time approaches women across the United States are thinking about what they need to do to get beach and vacation ready abs. Many people are under the impression that doing hundreds and hundreds of crunches and sit-ups will help them achieve that rock hard abs. This is a large misconception when it comes to toning the abdominal region.

While crunches and sit ups will increase ab muscles, they only target a small part of the whole abdomen. When working out one’s abs the more variety in the exercise the more complete workout they will receive. It is also important to know that no matter how many abdominal specific exercises are done, if cardio is not included in the workout, results will not be seen. This is because, in the majority of cases there is a layer of fat sitting on top of the muscles, and although ones muscles may be defined, that layer is prohibiting them from being seen. Cardio is the best way to burn fat and calories.

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Health Insurance Card Grade for Health Medical Benefits

Health Diet PlansA report recently showed that there is some evidence that state and federal health coverage policies are showing signs of improvement. Medicaid stabilization is making it a possiblity to cover health insurance for children through these tough economic times.

Find the Best Health Insurance in Your State


Health Medical Benefits

These are initiatives that went into effect over two years ago that are now manifesting.
Children in over thirty states are receiving better health care, however the report goes on to mention that over 5 million children still need health insurance. The report goes on to state that over 10 million need more routine dental and medical exams and need up to date vaccinations.

Health Plan

The state health care and health insurance score card is one of the important checks required in getting health care and health insurance under control for the growing nature.

Health Insurance Card

Without these balances and checks, more states could possibly be in worse conditions concerning the health care of their state’s children.

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Allergy Sufferers, Diet Plans, Acai Berry and Lactose Intolerance

Weight Loss and Diet PlansThere are a lot of people that have some trouble with foods. They might be lactose intolerant or have an allergy to peanuts, wheat, dairy, you name it. If there is a food then there is most like someone out there that has an allergy to it. With all of the products on the market, it might be hard for people with food allergies to keep track of everything that goes into a product.
Living with a food allergy can present a lot of problems especially if there is a combination of allergies. Gluten intolerance is also a large problem in America. Wheat can not have all of the gluten taken out of it, yet it can still be listed as gluten free. It pays to do your research on the foods you love and the foods you want if you suffer from a food allergy because there are a lot of alternatives out there now. Those that are dairy intolerant or allergic can even enjoy desserts like cupcakes and other foods that were once only made with dairy.

Egg allergy sufferers can also now find some great substitutions, some as easy as just using apple sauce in a recipe instead of egg. Select your foods wisely, don’t rely on the information on the boxes at the grocery store. Do you research and make sure your foods don’t contain those elements that you are allergic to. One alternative that is being used for those that can’t eat chocolate is the acai berry. This has been a welcomed discovery for those that love the taste of chocolate but can’t eat it.

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Acai Berry Weight Loss Boom With no Fizzle in Sight

Acai Berry Diet PlanWe could all use a PR person like the one the Acai Berry has. This little berry has found its way into health stores, grocery stores and the Acai Berry appears to be in the news every day. Most of the news is hype of course, but the truth of the amazing Acai Berry lies within. There is a lot of truth to some of the claims about this berry. Some of that truth might also be subjective; perhaps it has helped a lot of people lose weight, but then again, it may just be that those people have started living healthier because they tried the Acai Berry.
Healthy eating habits can lead to a healthier lifestyle and eventually that may lead to weight loss. So, when a company claims that their product helps you shed pounds, there may be some truth to it, but that truth is in the health benefits of eating healthier. Acai contains antioxidants and a concentrated amount of vitamins, so if you are getting energy from the Acai Berry, there’s really no wonder why. Vitamins have long been a suitable supplement for giving energy.

There are those that are skeptical about the Acai Berry and the claims made about it. There’s no doubt that the hype is huge and skepticism is very important in relation to personal health. The truth of this berry is that it can be a great food to add to your diet for an improved amount of naturally

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Acai Berry Weight Loss Diet Plans and Your Health

Healthy Diet PlansAcai can be found in a wide variety of forms since its popularity has increased. Purchasers are able to choose from fruit extracts, acai juices, organic freeze dried acai, acai powders or even acai supplements in pill form.

When purchasing acai it is smart to do some research before deciding which type of the super fruit to buy. Many people prefer the juice, because it is easy to consume and many find the taste enjoyable and do not consider it a chore to consume. However, juices have proven to be unreliable when it comes to the percentage of actual acai found in the juice. Many times the juices are watered down versions of the fruit and will not have nearly as much nutritional benefit.

Another popular form of the fruit are the fruit extracts. Although these items may be organic and come directly from the fruit, it does not provide the user with the complete nutritional value.

Because they are pieces of the fruit that are taken out of the whole berry, it only provides a part of the benefits. If the whole berry is not available in a health food store in the purchasers area, another viable option is the organically freeze dried acai. This option, when dried at the proper time, will contain the highest amount of acai nutrients.

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