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Psoriasis – Common Causes, and Special Tests

What is Psoriasis?

Although psoriasis is certainly not a fatal disease, it is known to cause a lot of pain, and discomfort to the sufferers. There are people who have been suffering from the condition from a very long time, due to a lack of medical attention. Reports indicate that nearly three percent of the total population in the country suffers from some form of psoriasis. Of the numerous forms of this skin disorder, plaque psoriasis is the most common. Guttate psoriasis is another variation of this condition, and although not as popular as the previously mentioned, this form of psoriasis largely affects children and adolescents. Your dermatologist may prescribe the best form of treatment if you are suffering from this condition. This article highlights some common causes of psoriasis, and also some special tests conducted by dermatologists to determine the presence, and severity of this skin disorder.

What Causes of Psoriasis?

There are various causes that can be blamed for the occurrence of psoriasis; stress being one of the agents known to trigger the condition. The formation of lesions on the surface of the skin can cause unbearable pain and discomfort to the patient.

  • Weakened immune system – This is one of the most common causes of psoriasis. The immune system in our body forms a primary line of defense to fight against any foreign organism that enters the body. Weak immune systems tend to be useless against the microorganisms causing the disease, thus affecting the body.
  • Hereditary factors – Research in this area has proven that if either the parents or grandparents of a child have been sufferers of this condition, the possibilities of passing the disease to younger generations are high. In fact, genetic factors are mostly responsible for the spreading of the disease.
  • Weather – Climatic conditions are also responsible for the occurrence of the disease;  a person suffering from psoriasis feels discomfort in cold as well as hot weather.

Although these are the most common causes, development of psoriasis can also be blamed on other factors, such as injuries or personal medical history. It is best to seek advice from a dermatologist to determine the exact cause of psoriasis in your body.

How Can Psoriasis be Controlled?

Your doctor may ask you to sit for some special tests that can determine if you are suffering from the condition or not. Some popularly recommended tests for psoriasis are:

  • Test for ringworm infection – Your doctor may want a sample of the patch for examination. When this is studied under a microscope, the responsible microorganisms show up, giving the real cause for the presence of ringworm.
  • Skin testing – In case the procedure mentioned above does not work, your doctor may want to test a sample of your abnormal skin. This is medically termed a biopsy.

All the methods employed by Chicago skin care dermatologists are for testing and are considered very safe. The method of testing, and treatment used by your dermatologist will depend on your medical history, and the intensity of the disorder. Some procedures may also involve blood or urine tests, or both.


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The Questions to Ask when Choosing the Dermatologist to treat you?

“People may go to dermatologists in Chicago for many reasons. Whether you are suffering from a skin disease or want to get a Botox injection, you will want to make sure that the dermatologist is qualified. This way, you are guaranteed that the dermatologist you are seeing has the experience, expertise, and the education needed to effectively operate on you. You should also ask him about the procedure so that you are prepared for anything that might happen during or after the procedure. Here are some of the questions you should ask upon visiting any cosmetic dermatologist Chicago has many dermatologists, so make sure to choose wisely.

What are the Doctor’s credentials and is he/she board certified?

It is normal to be embarrassed to ask questions, but important that you do so.  After all, this is the person that is going to be operating on you, so you will want to make sure that he or she is the most qualified person possible before undergoing treatment.

In order for a doctor to be board certified, he will have to pass the board exam at least once every ten years. This ensures you that he is up to date with the advancements in the medical field and that he is completely qualified to operate on you. This is also important because the results of the procedures vary greatly, mainly depending on the skill and the experience of the doctor performing the procedure. This is why the importance of choosing a board-certified dermatologist cannot be stressed enough.

How many similar procedures have the doctor performed successfully?

If the doctor has done many successful surgeries just like the one you are there to get, this means that you are in good hands. You should also ask to see some before and after photos. In fact, many doctors who own dermatology Chicago clinics proudly present such photos in the form of brochures that the visiting patients can read while sitting in the waiting room or in the form of posters on the walls of their clinic.

What are the results you can expect and if there are any risks involved?

It is important to be prepared for any possible side effects or risks. If a dermatologist tells you that a procedure is risk-free, you better think again. This is because every procedure has a possible side effect or a risk. Of course, the risks vary greatly but there is always a chance that anything might go wrong.

The doctor will also let you know what to expect from the procedure.  Many people go into surgery having impossible expectations, and are often frustrated when these expectations are not met.  Even if they have seen such results happen to someone else, it may be impossible for them. This is because the procedure’s results vary greatly between one person and another. Some factors that attribute to these differences are the patient’s age, the condition, and the skin type among other factors. This is why the only expectation you can build is the one that the doctor promises.

So after visiting any clinic for dermatology in Chicago and before undergoing any procedures, make sure to ask these questions.


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Health Questions About Drugs and Medicine

What is Carpal Tunnel SyndromeHealth Questions About Drugs and Medicine

You should be aware that not every website that is on the internet and related to health is there to help you. In fact, there are many scrupulous sites that will use devious methods to sell you supposed prescription medicines at 75% of the normal cost. These sites could be trying to take your money and have no worries about whether or not your health is harmed. You should only get prescription medicine through a local pharmacist or a pharmacist that is tied into your health insurance plan. Many health insurance companies offer bulk discounts on purchases of prescriptions for 3 months at a time. These authorized pharmacists are the only way to get truly safe pharmaceutical drugs.

If you have health questions about drugs and medicines, make sure that the website is not directly trying to sell you a medical product. This is the clearest way to avoid being scammed. Reputable health answer sites will provide you with solid information and not try to sell you something at all.  Health is dedicated to providing information that helps and never harms.

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Health Questions: What are the Types of Depression?

health questions depressionDepression affects millions of Americans every year and there are many different types that affect people in different ways. Two of the major types of depression are Major Depressive Disorder and Dysthymic disorder. Major depressive disorder prohibits one’s ability to function on a daily level including sleep, eat and work.

Dysthymic is a type of depression that lasts for an extended period of time, likely longer than two years. While these symptoms are less intense than those found in major depression, they will still show a considerable negative impact on one’s life. Other types of depression can be the result of a certain life event such as death or an extreme loss.

Postpartum depression is a type of depression found in new mothers within the first month after delivery. Other types of depression include seasonal affective disorder which happens during the winter months when there is less sunlight each day.

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Health Questions, What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

What is Carpal Tunnel SyndromeCarpal Tunnel Syndrome, or CTS, relates to problems in one’s wrist and hand. Some of the symptoms include pain, swelling, tingling as well as loss of strength. It happens when the median nerves and tendons that pass through the carpal tunnel in the wrist are restricted or pressed against.

Health Questions

Swelling is the likely reason for the pressure put on the nerves that causes the extra pain and sensations found in the fingers and palm. The symptoms of CTS include a slow onset of numbness, burning and tingling in the hand or wrist. It is most common for the thumb, index and middle fingers to experience these symptoms.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In more extreme cases the hand begins to lose strength and it becomes difficult to tightly grasp items or even to make a clenched fist. When left untreated the problem can become permanent, making the muscles in the hand and especially thumb weaken greatly over time.

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What are the Types of Anemia?

Types of AnemiaAnemia can be caused by a variety of factors all of which result in a low count of red blood cells. The first cause of this could be that the body cannot produce the correct number of red blood cells the body needs to function properly. Another reason for the lack of red blood cells could be related to cells that fail at a rate faster than the body can replace them.

Iron deficiency is often considered the most common type when it comes to anemia. This happens when the body does not have enough iron and results in a insufficient amount of hemoglobin.  Women are likely to lose iron and red blood cell through childbirth a well as prolonged period or heavy bleeding. Vitamin deficiency is another common form of anemia.

Anemia can also be found in hereditary causes. It can be from a blood disease that is common among family members such as sickle cell anemia.  Signs of anemia include fatigue, weakness, headache, and rapid or irregular heartbeat.


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Alcohol and Heart Health, American Dietetic Association

Alcohol and Heart HealthDoctors and experts have long said that a glass of red wine a night is good for one’s heart. A new study shows that this might not be the only alcoholic beverage that can be beneficial. The American Dietetic Association has recently said that beer also has beneficial attributes that will help hearth health.

It has been shown that drinking a occasional beer can help reduce the amound of LDL cholesterol while increasing the amount of HDL cholesterol. It also has been shown to have a decreasing effect on blood clots, the risk gallstones and the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Before going out and binging on beer remember that they recommend a moderate amount. This is considered to be one beer a day that is around 12 ounces. It has also been found that darker beers have more fiber with around 3 grams. So if red wine doesn’t suit you, grab a brew.

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Menopause and Heart Disease

HealthMany women, even those who aren’t going through menopause, experience night sweats and hot flashes. Although uncomfortable, recent research has found benefits to these. It just may be that these women are at less of a risk to have a heart attack down the road.

When women begin having these symptoms during menopause only it seems they are more likely to have a risk of heart disease. The study, conducted by the Women’s Health Initiative, showed that people with these symptoms early on were almost 20 percent less likely to show risk of stroke and heart disease.

However, if these symptoms are developed during the starting stages of menopause the risk factors are increased. For those who develop them later on, the study showed over thirty percent higher risk associated with heart attack. Hot flashes and night sweats are very common parts of early menopause.

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Health and Fitness Deep Impact Knee Pain

FitnessFrom athletes to non-active adults, knees are constantly a point of concern and uncomfortable pain. They are constantly being used and abused through walking, sitting jumping and even simply standing. There are a couple of ways to make sure to treat one’s knees right.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is the type of shoes they wear. While those high heeled stilettos may be adorable, they are killer on the knees. Heels put added strain on the knees and they also change the alignment causing pressure on the back.

Another aspect that will deeply impact knee pain is weight. For every pound of body weight consider that 3 times that is being put onto one’s knees. It is important to walk with good posture as this will decrease the amount of pressure applied to the joint. It is also smart to know what activities cause pain to the knees, and to avoid, or minimalize these.

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A Hug a Day Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Hug a DayA good hug always makes one feel a little happier, but it was recently found that it might do even more than that. It has been found that all sorts of touching may lead to lower blood pressure, pain relief, and even increased immune function. From a massage, to just a hand hold, touching has more benefits then we thought.

Massages have been known to relax and rejuvenate but they can also help the heart conscious. The process relaxes muscles which can help to slow heart rates, decrease blood pressure and decrease stress. All of these factors help lead to a healthier and stronger immune system.

Hugs always make us feel good, and it is in part because they help release oxytocin which induces trust and reduces stress. Even simply holding hands has great benefits. Studies have showed holding hands will reduce stress activity in the brain, especially when it is with a significant other.

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Weight Loss Diet Plan: Eating 100 Calories at a time

Lose WeightWalking up and down the grocery store isles, it is now common to see 100 calorie snack packs. From cookies to crackers, different companies are making their products in smaller portions. This is part of the overhaul that is happening across the country to promote healthy children and weight loss.

Tammy and Susie Trimble have developed a non- restrictive 100 calorie diet to help promote weight loss. This diet does not tell it users not to eat food they enjoy, but rather keep the portions to under 100 calories. Although they do not restrict certain foods, eating more nutritious foods in smaller portions will produce the best results.

The diet plan allows a different amount of 100 calorie portions for women who are allotted 1500 calories, than for men who receive 2000 daily calories. It is important for participants to plan ahead when it comes to this diet. One should plan out all of the daily 100 calorie meals ahead of time so one does not exceed their allotted amount.

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Cold Relief, Zinc Good for Fighting Colds

cold reliefA recent study produced by The Cochrane Library health care journal, is pointing to Zinc as a helpful supplement in fighting the everyday cold. The study has shown that zinc may not only be able to shorten the duration of a cold, but has the capability to stop the cold completely. This would be a big step in sickness control as colds are widely seen as incurable

The study was done on over 1300 participants and completed in India. It showed that people suffering from the virus who consumed zinc within one day, saw a noticeable reduction in their symptoms. It was also seen that people who took the supplement on a regular basis saw a decreased number of colds over a five month period.

There have been a number of other studies that have concluded similar results, and this new study only backs up previous findings. There are two thoughts on how zinc works to improve cold symptoms. The first is that it may prevent the release of prostaglandin and histamines. The second thought is that it may contain antiviral properties.

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Healthy Dieting: The Mediterranean Diet

Exercise Diet PlanNot all people are focused on losing weight when they start a diet. For others the diet is more to produce a healthier body. If this is the case, it is important to focus on the quality of food one is consuming, rather than the quantity.

The Mediterranean diet is a good choice if improved health is the main goal, rather than increased weight loss. The people of the Mediterranean are well known for having less heart health problems than those in western culture. This is supposedly because of the low amount of saturated fat in their diets.

The diet plan urges the user to consume a large amount of fruits and vegetables as well as a couple of glasses of red wine a day with meals. It also highlights the use of olive oil instead of butter when sautéing and cooking. Having a high amount of fish, which has Omega-3 fatty acids, is another large part of the diet.

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Weight Loss Workout Myths

Weight LossOne of the problems with completing a successful workout is not knowing how to properly exercise. A common misconception when it comes to exercising is that a longer workout will always be more beneficial. In most cases that is not true, it is better to focus on the strength of the workout, rather than the length.

Another misconceived notion is that heavier weights will improve one more than lighter. This depends on what outcome one is looking for. If looking to gain muscle, heavier weights are good, but if one is looking to get lean and toned it are better to do more reps with lighter weights. It is also good to know that weights can be helpful for both men and women.

People, who think that because they are exercising they can eat junk, should know that is not true. Eating properly is important in any diet and exercise program, and it improves muscle retention as well as energy level. Finally it is always important to switch up an exercise routine. While it is good to follow a plan, new exercises will help keep one motivated instead of bored.

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Using Acai to Improve Health and Weight Loss

Diet Plans Acai Berry Diet PlansEven for people not looking weight loss, the acai berry is also beneficial for improving the general health of the body. The acai berry is very well known for its high nutritional value and the large number of antioxidants it contains. Researchers believe these nutrients and antioxidants found in the acai berry can improve cardiovascular health, energy levels, skin elasticity as well as increased metabolism.

Some researchers even claim that the fruit possesses nutrients that will improve male’s sexual performance. The fruit is often used in conjunction with a diet and weight loss plan claiming to increase the amount of weight loss when used in conjunction.

The fruit was discovered in the Amazon Rainforest and has since become a very popular supplement option in health and nutrition stores all over America and the world. There have been many satisfied customers who still back the products claims of improving health and weight loss.

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