Cold Relief, Zinc Good for Fighting Colds

cold reliefA recent study produced by The Cochrane Library health care journal, is pointing to Zinc as a helpful supplement in fighting the everyday cold. The study has shown that zinc may not only be able to shorten the duration of a cold, but has the capability to stop the cold completely. This would be a big step in sickness control as colds are widely seen as incurable

The study was done on over 1300 participants and completed in India. It showed that people suffering from the virus who consumed zinc within one day, saw a noticeable reduction in their symptoms. It was also seen that people who took the supplement on a regular basis saw a decreased number of colds over a five month period.

There have been a number of other studies that have concluded similar results, and this new study only backs up previous findings. There are two thoughts on how zinc works to improve cold symptoms. The first is that it may prevent the release of prostaglandin and histamines. The second thought is that it may contain antiviral properties.