Health and Fitness Deep Impact Knee Pain

FitnessFrom athletes to non-active adults, knees are constantly a point of concern and uncomfortable pain. They are constantly being used and abused through walking, sitting jumping and even simply standing. There are a couple of ways to make sure to treat one’s knees right.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is the type of shoes they wear. While those high heeled stilettos may be adorable, they are killer on the knees. Heels put added strain on the knees and they also change the alignment causing pressure on the back.

Another aspect that will deeply impact knee pain is weight. For every pound of body weight consider that 3 times that is being put onto one’s knees. It is important to walk with good posture as this will decrease the amount of pressure applied to the joint. It is also smart to know what activities cause pain to the knees, and to avoid, or minimalize these.