Health News, Snoring a Risk for Metabolic Syndrome

Health and SnoringA recent study done by the University of Pittsburgh found that snoring sleepers are at higher risk for metabolic syndrome. The study looked at over 800 participants with ages varying between 45 and 74. In a three year time span those who slept poorly were more likely to have a number of risk factors

Some of these risk factors included high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, excess belly fat and high triglycerides. Many people across America consider themselves to have sleep problems, frequently waking feeling un-refreshed. This is not the first study that has showed similar results.

The importance of getting enough quality sleep can have a big impact on one’s general health. Sleep deprivation and sleep problems have been found to directly link to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. One’s mattress and sleeping arrangements can have an impact on getting a good night’s sleep.