Health Questions Is shift work sleep disorder a real thing?

FitnessIs shift work sleep disorder a real thing?

SWSD stands for shift work sleep disorder and it is in fact a real sleep disorder that generally affects those that have to alter their sleep schedules around rotating working hours.  Most often, this happens when people have to work at night forcing the worker to be thrown off the bodies natural sleep rhythm.


SWSD most often presents as excessive sleepiness and or insomnia with a number of symptoms such as headaches, lack of energy and a difficulty in concentrating also occurring.

Dealing with SWSD

Dealing with SWSD is often a matter of retraining your body.  This can be done by preparing yourself for sleep with a routine before going to sleep that your body and mind will eventually recognize.  There are prescription aides that you can ask your doctor about as well, but the healthiest way to handle the issue is by getting enough sleep.


A great resource to find out more about shift work sleep disorder can be found here: / disorders/sleep_disorders/hic_shift_work_sleep_disorder.aspx