Health Questions, What is Osteoporosis?

health questions oseteoporosisOsteoporosis is a disease that affects the strength of one’s bones. For people who suffer from the disease their bones are weaker than average and are more prone to breaking from low trauma situations. The bones that are most likely to be affected are commonly the spine, wrists and hip.

Health Questions

It is common for the disease to become more prevalent as one ages and as women pass through menopause. Not getting enough exercise is one of the factors that can be controlled to avoid getting Osteoporosis. In addition not smoking at all and drinking less than one alcoholic drink a day is another factor that once can easily influence.


It is important to make sure to get enough vitamin D and calcium in one’s daily diet. One of the common symptoms that point to a development of the disease is a loss in height, or the development of a hunchbacked, or slumped over posture.