Lowering Your Health Care Costs

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Health care costs are unbelievably high if you don’t have insurance.  Even when you have insurance, there are times when you get that nasty bill and find out that your policy doesn’t cover a particular procedure or the doctor you used is not in your insurance’s plan.

Insurance Company

Of course, it is your responsibility to know what is covered and how much will be covered is nearly impossible to figure either before or after.   For one hospital procedure, you will have multiple providers.  And you have no way to know who your other providers will be.  Should you get your bill and find that some providers are not covered, call your insurance.   Your insurance company can advocate for you in this matter, as you have no control over such doctors as your anesthesiologist.

Ask your hospital for a discount.  Go to the hospital and ask to see the chief financial officer.  The CFO has the ability to give you discounts.  You could get up to a 30 percent discount.  It is something most people never consider doing.  The Consumer Reports National Research Center conducted a survey that found only 31 percent have ever tried negotiating on their medical bills.  93 percent of the people who tried were successful and saved about $100.

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Always look at your bill and compare it to what your insurance should cover.  If you find a discrepancy or have questions about the payment, get on the phone immediately.  Set up a conference call between the insurance company, the hospital and yourself, if necessary.  Be sure to document everything.