Teens and Food – You May Lose a Finger

high fiber dietTeens and Food – You May Lose a Finger

You come home from school and of course, you are starved.  You look in the fridge and the cupboards.  Mom has stacked them full of cookies, ice cream and pudding.  Great foods, but your coach told you that you should be eating healthy foods.  You open the crisper drawer and there are apples.  Cool!

Feeding teens can be a rocky road for parents.  Some days they want chips, other days chips are so yesterday.  Knowing what to provide is not an easy task.  Many times, the teens themselves have no idea what they really want.

Have plenty of foods available that have a high concentration of water in them.  These foods are more filling.  Tomatoes and grapes are great snack foods to have available.

Teens, start your morning with a healthy breakfast.  Whole grain cereals – or cereals that have the words “whole grain” on them are probably your best bet.  These will probably be something of the corn, wheat, oats or rice variety.  Even a cereal bar that is whole grain is better than no breakfast at all.

If you have to pack your own lunch, here’s a suggestion.  First, use that whole-wheat bread your parents use.  If you want some mayonnaise or mustard, use a little bit.  Stack on the lean meats – turkey or chicken – and add vegetables like tomatoes, bean sprouts, peppers, and cucumbers.  Add some baby carrots and celery for your snack.

Going out to eat with your friends?  You can still choose healthy foods when you’re out.  If they have salads or wraps, choose one of those, but request the dressing on the side.  Dressing adds a lot of calories.  You can still have the dressing, but don’t drench your salad or wrap in it.  And don’t forget to skip the fries.  Just take a few from your friends.