The Questions to Ask when Choosing the Dermatologist to treat you?

“People may go to dermatologists in Chicago for many reasons. Whether you are suffering from a skin disease or want to get a Botox injection, you will want to make sure that the dermatologist is qualified. This way, you are guaranteed that the dermatologist you are seeing has the experience, expertise, and the education needed to effectively operate on you. You should also ask him about the procedure so that you are prepared for anything that might happen during or after the procedure. Here are some of the questions you should ask upon visiting any cosmetic dermatologist Chicago has many dermatologists, so make sure to choose wisely.

What are the Doctor’s credentials and is he/she board certified?

It is normal to be embarrassed to ask questions, but important that you do so.  After all, this is the person that is going to be operating on you, so you will want to make sure that he or she is the most qualified person possible before undergoing treatment.

In order for a doctor to be board certified, he will have to pass the board exam at least once every ten years. This ensures you that he is up to date with the advancements in the medical field and that he is completely qualified to operate on you. This is also important because the results of the procedures vary greatly, mainly depending on the skill and the experience of the doctor performing the procedure. This is why the importance of choosing a board-certified dermatologist cannot be stressed enough.

How many similar procedures have the doctor performed successfully?

If the doctor has done many successful surgeries just like the one you are there to get, this means that you are in good hands. You should also ask to see some before and after photos. In fact, many doctors who own dermatology Chicago clinics proudly present such photos in the form of brochures that the visiting patients can read while sitting in the waiting room or in the form of posters on the walls of their clinic.

What are the results you can expect and if there are any risks involved?

It is important to be prepared for any possible side effects or risks. If a dermatologist tells you that a procedure is risk-free, you better think again. This is because every procedure has a possible side effect or a risk. Of course, the risks vary greatly but there is always a chance that anything might go wrong.

The doctor will also let you know what to expect from the procedure.  Many people go into surgery having impossible expectations, and are often frustrated when these expectations are not met.  Even if they have seen such results happen to someone else, it may be impossible for them. This is because the procedure’s results vary greatly between one person and another. Some factors that attribute to these differences are the patient’s age, the condition, and the skin type among other factors. This is why the only expectation you can build is the one that the doctor promises.

So after visiting any clinic for dermatology in Chicago and before undergoing any procedures, make sure to ask these questions.