Weight Loss Can Trigger Monetary Gain?

Diet PlanRecently a study has been done to see if whether the prospect of losing money could possible motivate those looking to lose weight. The theory was that if the weight is not lost, the dieters would have to fork over some cash. The loss of money, especially in this economy, initially had appeared to be a pretty good motivator, although over time the motivation seemed to dwindle.

Participants would place funds in a sort of escrow, it the weight loss goals were met, those funds would be matched. If the weight loss goals were not met however, all the money would be lost. Although there was substantial weight loss achieved experts believe that in most cases once the monetary aspect was taken out of the equation, the motivation for weight loss would be lost. This study proves how money centered our culture is, as obese people faced with potentially fatal health conditions need more than that fact alone to jump start any weight loss.