Weight Loss Diet Plan: Eating 100 Calories at a time

Lose WeightWalking up and down the grocery store isles, it is now common to see 100 calorie snack packs. From cookies to crackers, different companies are making their products in smaller portions. This is part of the overhaul that is happening across the country to promote healthy children and weight loss.

Tammy and Susie Trimble have developed a non- restrictive 100 calorie diet to help promote weight loss. This diet does not tell it users not to eat food they enjoy, but rather keep the portions to under 100 calories. Although they do not restrict certain foods, eating more nutritious foods in smaller portions will produce the best results.

The diet plan allows a different amount of 100 calorie portions for women who are allotted 1500 calories, than for men who receive 2000 daily calories. It is important for participants to plan ahead when it comes to this diet. One should plan out all of the daily 100 calorie meals ahead of time so one does not exceed their allotted amount.