Weight Loss

In the world today it seems there are as many different opinions about weight loss as there are people on the earth. There is definitely an attitude, especially in America, that you can never be thin enough. This has both good and bad aspects. In one way it may motivate people who are overweight to get in shape and work hard to get to a healthy weight. It may also motivate people to be more physically active and doing things that will increase their overall health. The negative sides to it may be that people who are overweight could feel bad about themselves, lower their own self esteem and get into a cycle of poor mental health. There are also people who go to unhealthy extremes in order to lose weight such as bulimia, anorexia, and bingers. There are definitely two sides to the weight loss coin and it is most certainly an important issue today.

There are many healthy ways to strive for weight loss. The standard approach has been diet and exercise. In the last 40 years, exercise, health and nutritional sciences have proven that those two factors are the most important when trying to lose weight. Within those two factors though, there is a diverse set of different diets and different exercise routines. Some of the popular diets are polar opposites of each other. Some build off of a foundation of eating a lot of high energy carbohydrates in order to sustain longer workouts. Others claim that high-protein diets are cleaner energy and are the best way to eat. In the end, people need to be creative and experiment a little to find the best diet that will work for them. One of the most important things about your diet is that it needs to be sustainable. It is the cliché that most diets that start as New Year’s Resolutions don’t last into February. That is because people try to do some extreme diet that wouldn’t last for even the most disciplined person. Your diet has to be made up of foods that you enjoy eating.