Low Carb Diets

Low Carb Diets

There are countless diets out there that everyone climbs will help you lose 5 inches in 5 weeks or will lose 20 lbs within the first week, guaranteed or your money back. Well diets are something that is more of a change of lifestyle than just starving yourself for a couple of weeks. You need to find a “diet” that you will be able to stick to, that you enjoy, and that you’ll actually see results to help you stay motivated to continually do it. Many people have been trying the low carb diets and finding lots of results, but again, to each person his own.

Carbohydrates, or carbs, are just sugars that are body uses to create energy for its different functions. When our body doesn’t have carbohydrates to break down to use for the necessary functions it turns to the stored fats to break them down to use for the energy. That is the basic premise to the low carb diet is having few carbs in your body so that your body will turn to the stored fats and burn those so which will result in a decrease in your weight.

The first step in a low carb diet is to have your body switch from using carbs to using the excess fat. For the first five to seven days you should eat very low carbohydrates and increase your protein and fat intake to allow your body to make the switch. Regular workouts and cardio is also required to maintain muscle mass so you are only targeting the excess fat deposits in your body.

After your body has made in the switch to using the fats for its fuel after the seven days you switch your diet again. Now you should start eating high carbohydrate and low fat intake so that the body isn’t getting the needed energy from the food intake so it will continually go to the fat deposits to get its energy. Exercise is required throughout this whole process.

This is just one example of a low carb diet and how it works. There are many more detailed low carb diets out there. Search around to find which foods have low carbs and which have high carbs so that it will be easy to maintain your food consumption while not starving yourself at the same time. There’s no need to go hungry, just eat smart and exercise often and you will begin to see the results. If you don’t see results, then this type of diet may not work for your body so try something new.