What are the Types of Anemia?

Types of AnemiaAnemia can be caused by a variety of factors all of which result in a low count of red blood cells. The first cause of this could be that the body cannot produce the correct number of red blood cells the body needs to function properly. Another reason for the lack of red blood cells could be related to cells that fail at a rate faster than the body can replace them.

Iron deficiency is often considered the most common type when it comes to anemia. This happens when the body does not have enough iron and results in a insufficient amount of hemoglobin.  Women are likely to lose iron and red blood cell through childbirth a well as prolonged period or heavy bleeding. Vitamin deficiency is another common form of anemia.

Anemia can also be found in hereditary causes. It can be from a blood disease that is common among family members such as sickle cell anemia.  Signs of anemia include fatigue, weakness, headache, and rapid or irregular heartbeat.