What is the Truth About the Acai Berry

What is the Truth About the Acai Berry

The cold hard facts about the acai berry are that there are really no cold hard facts, just a lot of conjecture and speculation. While much of this conjecture comes from people that are using the acai berry and gaining benefits, none of that data is being collected within the scientific community on a large scale, so much of the information you will read about the benefits of the berry are only considered untested speculation within the health and science community. How can that change? As more people use the acai berry and more ask health questions pertaining to the benefits that they themselves recognize, then funding will start to become available for more research on the subject.

What has been proven about acai is that it is a healthy food that contains a good amount of B vitamins and antioxidants. Antioxidants are being connected to a plentiful amount of health benefits and those can be attributed back to the acai also. The blueberry has very similar qualities and also recognized some of the same notoriety that acai is getting now.

What Happened to Those Acai Websites?

If you have heard about the recent crackdown on acai websites that were making false claims about the food, but don’t know why or what happened, then here is the summary:

A number of acai berry sites were practicing fraudulent activity in that they made their websites look like legitimate news companies. Not only that, but they used the names of some very big corporations in order to dupe people into buying their products or clicking links. Despicable, but now, those sites are nearly almost all collected and dealt with.