Why is Seeking Treatment for Mental Health Uncommon?

mental healthQ: The New Face of Bipolar II, why is seeking treatment for mental health disorders uncommon?

A:  The National Alliance on Mental Illness has applauded Catherine Zeta Jones for not only coming forth on the truth about her diagnosis of bipolar II disorder, but also extends that to the fact that she came sought treatment in the first place.  It is estimated that one in four adults suffers from some type of mental health challenge such as OCD, depression, anxiety or even bipolar I or II or schizophrenia.

The estimated number of people who seek treatment is one out of the four.  This is, in part, due to the stigma attached to being a person with a mental health disorder.  By coming forward with her diagnosis and treatment, Ms. Zeta Jones has helped shed light on mental illness and hopefully has encouraged others to seek help, knowing that there is no need to suffer in silence.